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TV Profanity Violates My Civil Rights!, by Dr. Hugh Pyle

T. V. PROFANITY Violates My Civil Rights!

Dr. Hugh F. Pyle

WHY SHOULD THE LANGUAGE OF THE GUTTER BE PIPED INTO MY LIVING ROOM? Do not the airwaves belong to all of us? Does it ever occur to the meatheads who produce these vulgar and profane shows that millions of Americans do not want their children subjected to the cheap cursing of the locker room and the bar room?

ARE WE GOING TO JUST SIT IDLY BY and do nothing? We would not allow our neighbors or relatives to come in and use profanity in front of our children. Why should not the television set be a means of lifting instead of lowering the moral tone of this nation? I am not a child, but I cringe when I hear profanity or the use of God’s name in vain.

"HELL" and "DAMN" happen to be Bible words used by the Almighty to describe the judgment and eternal punishment of the very people who use such words! Christians and other decent people are being discriminated against! It is time we put a stop to it! ("The wicked shall be turned into hell," Psalm 9:17; "He that believeth not shall be dammed," Mark 16:16).

"THE DAY OF FILTH HAS ARRIVED," says Gene Rogers, Chicago broadcasting executive. "Every other record I receive has cursing In It. The majority of TV-shows have cursing in them…. Have we sunk so low that we have sold our children to the dogs In order to make a dollar? Do you want your children singing songs with ‘damnand ‘hell’ and worse in your homes?" Rogers refuses to play on his station any record that uses filth or cursing. One day he was filling-in and put on a record by mistake. The words shocked Rogers and he said, "I broke right in, stopped the record and said, ‘Pardon me, folks.’ Then I broke the record right on the air! I’m against anything with cursing in it," Rogers added, "anything with nude scenes or debasing programming, such as ‘Born Innocent’ (a recently repeated made-for-TV movie in which a girl is raped with a broom handle)."

"WE’RE FIGHTING THIS WITH EVERYTHING WE’VE GOT. If Christian people stick their heads in the sand, nobody’s going to get anything done," he said. "The public should know broadcasters are at the beck and call of the FCC. If we’re doing wrong, we ought to be put out of business." In the same Atlanta Constitution paper where Rogers’ statements were printed-right across the page, in fact-was an article dealing with the plans of the PBS to produce a "sensitive drama" about lesbianism (homosexual vice between two females)! Realizing the TV public may not be ready for this, the picture will be made with "delicate care" and dealt with "tenderly," the statement declares. Once the camel gets his nose in, then it will soon be a case of "anything goes"!

FILTHY LANGUAGE USED BY CHILDREN has become a matter of concern to school principals and to some teachers. The New York Times recently printed a letter, quoted from a P.T.A. bulletin in California: "We can assure you that the teachers are not teaching such language … such language is forbidden by state law. Students must be picking up such language from older siblings and from parents…. We would like for our mothers to see what girls write in the upper grade restrooms. No decent child should have to be exposed to this." Surely much of such "child training" comes from the television set and from rock records played on many radio stations!

UNLESS IT IS STOPPED we may soon have on television any kind of trash and filth that is now permitted on the movie-house screen. Even Ingrid Bergman, hardly an example of moral purity, recently said, "I find this skin game nauseating, (referring to nude lust on the screen). Everything is done in the name of realism. But … love is more than walking around naked and copulating. Its an emotion you should be able to convey without going into the crudest details and filthiest language! "

TELEVISION HAS BECOME A MENACE AND A MONSTER to millions of families. How ridiculous that we in this country mourn over the moral problems and the crimes being committed by children, yet let them continue to receive their training for such crimes from "the god with the glass face" in the living room of our homes!

ONE OR EVEN TWO HOURS OF "PRIME TIME" in the evening when profanity, raw sex and extreme violence is toned-down will not accomplish much. Millions of children have parents who allow the kids to watch anything. Hundreds of thousands of children have their own sets. Even in these so-called decent hours we are told that it can be mighty raw and rough. If certain people are so low and so vile that they must feed on moral garbage, let them go off to some smoke-filled den and wallow in the slime-but in the name of decency and sanity, don’t pipe the junk into our living rooms!

AND QUIT USING BIBLE WORDS like "hell" and "damn." These are solemn, religious words. What a commentary on the utter depravity of the human heart, that men would want to use our Bible words in their profanity. They do not say: "Get the Richard Nixon out of here before I knock the Gerald Ford out of you I" No, they have to borrow our words from God’s Book. If it is wrong to have the Bible in the schools, it is wrong (much more so) to desecrate these Bible words on the air!

PROFANITY NEVER HELPS THE PLOT. What programs are enhanced or helped by the crude (and oft-times awkward) insertion of profanity? It does nothing for the story and causes multitudes to turn the set off. We need to let the producers, the networks, the local stations and the advertisers know this! Many people are unplugging the TV or getting rid of the set altogether. Let’s tell them about it! Surely in addition to the millions of Christians there must be another multitude of decent people who (without religious convictions) deplore the invasion of their homes with gutter and bar room language.

WHAT CAN WE DO? As we go into this bicentennial year let’s crusade for a return to sanity and decency in our beloved America. Here are some suggestions:

1. Call or write your congressmen, calling for legislation demanding a cleanup of the airwaves.

2. Call the local TV-stations when you have shut off an objectionable program and let them know why you are doing so. Also commend them when they do sometimes take a stand against profanity or obscenity.

3. Write the FCC and the networks, mentioning specifically the programs that the objectionable material was on, protesting it and promising not to watch the programs until they are cleaned up. Write to:

NBC-TV, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. 10020
CBS-TV, 51 W. 52nd St., New York, N.Y. 10019
ABC-TV, 1330 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y. 10019

Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C. 20554

4. Get my booklet, "The Taming of Television," published by The Sword of the Lord, from your Christian bookseller or order it. If you cannot do this, you may order it from me direct, Dr. Hugh Pyle, Box 1508, Panama City, Florida 32401. Send 70 cents (50 cents of which is the book price, plus
20 cents for postage and handling). This book will give you some good ideas for controlling the set and using it wisely.

S. Read "What You Can Do About TV Violence" from the July 1975, Reader’s Digest. Reprints of the article can be obtained from Reprint Editor, The Reader’s Digest, Pleasantville, N.Y. 10570, 10 copies for 50 cents, or 50 for $2. This article will show you how to organize, write and take action to destroy this monster!

6. Order and distribute a quantity of this tract, "T.V. Profanity Violates My Civil Rights" from the author, Dr. Hugh Pyle, P.O. Box 1508, Panama City, Fla., 32401, or from the publisher.

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