If the Cross Should Speak
By Dr. George Alquist, Jr.

   Last Night in prayer
      I saw the cross
   on which my Savior died.

   I asked, "Dear Sir, what was it like?"
      Before it spoke, it cried.

   "Of all the things I could be made
      why was it picked for me
   that I should hold the Son of God
      not able to set Him free!?

   Through tears of grief it broke my heart
      with mighty depth of pain
   my bark drank in the blood of God
      and received that holy stain."

   I heard just then the nails cry out
      in sorrow and dismay,
   "We too were forced an awful role
      that dark and gloomy day.

   We trembled in the hands of men
      while with their mallets grim
   they forced the nails through sinless hands
      with which to crucify Him."

   And at this point the crown gave way
      to wails of horror too;
   "They took my beauty and formed me round
      His beautiful brow pierced through."

   They all in chorus raised one voice
      with agony profuse,
   "Please understand we had no choice
      or power to refuse!"

   But then the tomb like steeple bell
      rang out with great elation,
   "I could not keep Him, He rose again
      to offer all salvation."

   "Dear Friends", I said, "please weep no more
      nor linger in despair;
   for you were used of God you see
      though no one was aware

   To bring salvation full and free
      by grace through faith in Christ,
   and through belief on Jesus' name
      the gift of eternal life!"

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