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Geneva Study Notes
2 Chronicles Chapter 5

2 Chronicles 5:2
5:2 Then Solomon assembled the elders of Israel, and all the
    heads of the tribes, the chief of the fathers of the
    children of Israel, unto Jerusalem, to bring up the ark of
    the covenant of the LORD out of the {a} city of David, which
    [is] Zion.

    (a) Read 2 Samuel 6:12.

2 Chronicles 5:3
5:3 Wherefore all the men of Israel assembled themselves unto
    the king in the {b} feast which [was] in the seventh {c}

    (b) When the things were dedicated and brought into the
    (c) Called in Hebrew Ethanim, containing part of September
        and part of October, 1 Kings 8:2, which moves the Jews
        called the first month, because they say that the world
        was created in that month, and after they came from
        Egypt, they began at March: but because this opinion is
        uncertain, we always make March the first as the best
        writers do.

2 Chronicles 5:10
5:10 [There was] nothing in the ark save {d} the two tables
     which Moses put [therein] at Horeb, when the LORD made [a
     covenant] with the children of Israel, when they came out
     of Egypt.

     (d) For Aaron's rod and manna were taken from there before
         it was brought to this place.

2 Chronicles 5:11
5:11 And it came to pass, when the priests were come out of the
     holy [place]: (for all the priests [that were] present were
     {e} sanctified, [and] did not [then] wait by course:

     (e) Were prepared to serve the Lord.

2 Chronicles 5:13
5:13 It came even to pass, as the trumpeters and singers [were]
     {f} as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and
     thanking the LORD; and when they lifted up [their] voice
     with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of musick,
     and praised the LORD, [saying], {g} For [he is] good; for
     his mercy [endureth] for ever: that [then] the house was
     filled with a cloud, [even] the house of the LORD;

     (f) They all played the same tune.
     (g) This was the effect of their songs,
         Psalm 118:1,136:1.

Geneva Study Notes
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