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Geneva Study Notes
1 Samuel Chapter 3

1 Samuel 3:1
3:1 And the child Samuel ministered unto the LORD {a} before
    Eli. And the word of the LORD was {b} precious in those
    days; [there was] no open vision.

    (a) The Chaldee text reads "while Eli lived".
    (b) Because there were very few prophets to declare it.

1 Samuel 3:2
3:2 And it came to pass at that time, when Eli [was] laid down
    in his {c} place, and his eyes began to wax dim, [that] he
    could not see;

    (c) In the court next to the tabernacle.

1 Samuel 3:3
3:3 And ere the {d} lamp of God went out in the temple of the
    LORD, where the ark of God [was], and Samuel was laid down
    [to sleep];

    (d) That is, the lamps which burnt in the night.

1 Samuel 3:4
3:4 That the LORD {e} called Samuel: and he answered, Here [am]

    (e) Josephus writes that Samuel was 12 years old when the
        Lord appeared to him.

1 Samuel 3:7
3:7 Now Samuel did not yet know {f} the LORD, neither was the
    word of the LORD yet revealed unto him.

    (f) By vision.

1 Samuel 3:8
3:8 And the LORD called Samuel again the third time. And he
    arose and went to Eli, and said, Here [am] I; for thou didst
    call me. And Eli {g} perceived that the LORD had called the

    (g) Such was the corruption of those times that the chief
        priest had become dull and negligent to understand the
        Lord's appearing.

1 Samuel 3:11
3:11 And the LORD said to Samuel, Behold, I will do a thing in
     Israel, at which both the ears of every one that heareth it
     shall {h} tingle.

     (h) God declares that sudden fear will come on men when
         they hear that the ark is taken, and see Eli's house

1 Samuel 3:14
3:14 And therefore I have sworn unto the house of Eli, that the
     iniquity of Eli's house shall not be purged with sacrifice
     nor offering for {i} ever.

     (i) Meaning that his posterity would never enjoy the chief
         priests office.

1 Samuel 3:17
3:17 And he said, What [is] the thing that [the LORD] hath said
     unto thee? I pray thee hide [it] not from me: God {k} do so
     to thee, and more also, if thou hide [any] thing from me of
     all the things that he said unto thee.

     (k) God punish you after this and that sort, unless you
         tell me the truth, Ruth 1:17.

1 Samuel 3:19
3:19 And Samuel grew, and the LORD was with him, and did let
     none of his words {l} fall to the ground.

     (l) The Lord accomplished whatever he had said.

Geneva Study Notes
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